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With a favourable reputation for improving students' ability to learn, our experienced tutor, Clarissa Anderson is highly sought after for one-to-one private tutoring throughout the UK. At Q-Concepts Tutoring Solution Services, we offer common entrance exam tutoring sessions which consists of economics, business studies, English and maths tuition to help students prepare for GCSE, SAT and A Levels.

Find out what our students and their parents have to say about Clarissa and our common entrance exam tutoring sessions. For one-to-one private tutoring, corporate training and support learning in the UK, contact our friendly tutor in Camberley today. We welcome applications for tutor positions.

Common Entrance exam tutoring

"My son enjoyed the tutoring sessions with Clarissa as she helped him and guided him to get a better understanding of the subjects he was struggling with in a way that suited his way of learning. I would definitely recommend her to my friends."
- Amal Gei, 30 July 2015

"Just want to say a big thank you to Clarissa for all her help and the work she had done for my son, Bobby. He enjoyed his lessons and felt that they helped him a great deal. Clarissa has managed to really inspire him and built-up a very good relationship with him. She gave him some very good techniques and skills to improve his work. She was always a very organised and structured tutor and most of all makes the lesson fun and positive. We would definitely highly recommend her. Thanks!"
- Katie Maunders 16 July 2015

"I would like to recommend Clarissa Anderson as an excellent tutor, especially for young people with learning difficulties, as she has helped my son (now 16 years old) to improve his English comprehension and language skills together with his numeracy skills. She has been teaching my son for over 2 years now and is currently helping him with his GCSE preparations for Maths, English and Science. She is good natured and patient with our son and this has really helped his confidence. We will continue to seek her help when our son starts 6th form college in September 2015."
- Claire Dalton, 28 May 2015
Common Entrance exam tutoring

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Improving your knowledge and skills

"Hi Clarissa, firstly, thank you very much for tutoring Kabir. We and his maths teacher at school have found that he has improved so much this year. I believe that your help and hard work has contributed to this improvement. It would be great if you would continue with the tutoring next year and once again thank you."
- Daljit S Gandhi, 22 May 2015

"Thank you for the support you gave us until now and specially for the common entrance exam, in which our son had fantastic results thanks to your hard work. Once again thank you."
- GOP Aldershot, 20 May 2015

"Clarissa has been part of the NJ Teaching network since November 2011, during which time she has tutored 12 families. These arrangements have been a mix of common entrance exam tutoring, economics, business studies, English and maths tuition. She has always been a reliable tutor and done her best to accommodate the students. I have received good feedback from Clarissa's students and their parents, both in her ability to progress student ability and prepare students for examinations."
- Nicholas Joyce, NJ Teaching

"Clarissa has been tutoring my daughter since January and I have been very impressed with her. She has been helping her with maths and English. My daughter has been happy to spend an evening, a week for the one-to-one tuition. Clarissa has a kind and patient nature, and I would be happy to recommend her." - TutorHunt, 18 July 2013
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